East Lake Golf Club
Atlanta, Georgia
September 19 - 23, 2018


Admissions: To assist with checking for proper admission credentials, distribute spectator guides and pairing sheets at all entrance gates, and provide general information to spectators.

Carts: To control inventory and distribution of tournament carts.

Client Hospitality: To provide information and assistance to corporate clients. Ensure that only properly credentialed clients are allowed in private hospitality areas. Assist Marshals with noise control as necessary when players are approaching hospitality areas.

Course Preparation: To stake and rope the main course and all auxiliary areas as required with the objective to maximize spectator viewing areas while leaving ample room for errant shots. Volunteers will need to be available prior to tournament week (various dates in September TBD) to assist with Course Preparation.

Credentials: To assist with controlling the issuance of badges and tickets during the tournament to the Admissions Committee and to Will Call.

First Aid: To provide emergency medical care service and medical assistance on tournament grounds during Tournament Week. Professionally medically trained personnel (doctors) only please.

Hospitality Logistics: To assist with all operational needs of clients prior to and during tournament week. Includes some manual labor (moving of boxes and materials). Some client interaction may be necessary.

Marshals: To provide gallery control for the Championship. Assigned to a specific hole for the week.

Marshals Grandstands: To provide gallery control of spectators in the grandstands.

Marshals Utility: To provide gallery control for the Championship. Assigned to trouble spots. Assignment may vary and could include: support of a crowd control situation, escort of key players, control of hole or crosswalk to gain access for the players.

Media Center: To assist PGA TOUR media officials with registration and the welcoming of local, national and international journalists to promote the image of THE TOUR Championship to the public as a world class event.

Office Administration: To assist in the Championship Office prior to and during the tournament in the general administration duties to include answering the phones, taking ticket orders, and assisting with large mailings.

Parking: To operate and control proper access and flow to all public parking areas located at Turner Field.

PGA TOUR Radio: To assist the on-site operational team of PGA TOUR Radio.

Photography: To take “outside the ropes” photos of desired shots for use in corporate brochures and presentations. Player photos will not be taken. Professional Photography experience requested. You will need to use your own equipment.

Practice Area: To provide gallery control of the practice areas and to regulate access to and from all practice facilities for the contestants and tournament officials.

SHOTLink: To record and transmit shot locations of professionals to the SHOTLink system, while stationed greenside or at fairway landing zones. Transmission achieved via the use of hand held palm pilots and stationery tripod cameras. SHOTLink volunteers may be required to climb onto a platform which can be up to six (6) feet off the ground.

Special Needs Shuttle: To provide cart transportation for disabled spectators to and from the bus drop at the main entrance to designated areas on the golf course.

Spectator Information: To provide directory assistance to spectators and corporate clients regarding on course hospitality locations and other points of interest.

Standard Bearers - Youth: To accompany each group of professionals during play and display their scores in relation to par on a cumulative basis. The Standard Bearers committee consists mostly of young adults, ages 13 - 18, who must be able to carry the standard (weight approximately 5 to 7 pounds) for the length of the course. Please note, you will be required to miss one (1) day of school during Tournament Week for this position.

Standard Bearers - Adult: To manage the youth standard bearers and assist the chairman with the organization of and distribution of the standards.

Supply Distribution: To inventory, distribute and maintain tournament supplies such as ice, drinks and spectator information pieces. Also help with check-in and distribute all incoming packages to various locations.

Ticket Sales: Assist the PGA TOUR accounting staff in receiving all cash generated by the Tournament from gate admissions and to sell tickets if necessary. In addition, assist in counting and reconciling all cash receipts and preparing banks for each cash collection area for the next day.

Transportation: To provide transportation to professionals and VIP guests before, during and after the tournament, primarily to and from the host hotel, the airport and East Lake Golf Club. Assist with the inventory and control the distribution of approximately sixty (60) official tournament vehicles. Drivers must be at least 25 years old.

Uniform Distribution: To inventory and distribute volunteer apparel and credentials. Responsibilities include management of uniform distribution area, apparel exchanges, sales and returns. Volunteers will need to be available prior to tournament week (various dates in September TBD) to assist with Uniform Distribution.

Volunteer Tent: Manage volunteer check-in and lunch chit allocation during tournament week.

Walking Scorers: To record the scores and statistics of play on a Palm Pilot during the competitive rounds.